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Ryan Rosegarten, CFP
Senior Wealth Strategy Associate at UBS 
CFP Exam

I chose to work with Joe because he had excellent reviews online from students who worked with him prior and found success. I also have a few connections who know Joe personally and said that he was great to work with.  Joe helped me pass by creating a thorough and detailed study plan, which allowed me to focus my time strategically, rather than on just a general macro level. His knowledge of the exam and skill to break down complex topics was the difference maker. Also, his ability to maximize tutoring time by utilizing the appropriate technology and tools was a big contributor. I would highly recommend working with Joe.

Michaela Smith_aug.webp

Michaela Smith LaBrie, CFP
Portfolio Manager at Bank of America Private Bank CFP Exam

The first time I took the exam in November 2020, I utilized the virtual Brett Danko program. I had a baby and toddler at home and did not plan well with the bit of extra time I had. I failed the exam.  I continued to study using the Danko materials but had trouble sticking to a schedule, and avoided key study areas.


After scoring poorly on a practice test, I sought out a better solution on the CFP Open Forum. I reached out to Joe in July 2020 because I needed to ensure that I would be ready to take the exam in November, and he ensured that I succeeded. 

I easily scheduled an intro meeting with Joe online. Right off the top, Joe got down to business and had me work through a series of exam questions. He was more concerned with what was leading me to an answer than the answer itself. Immediately, I felt that Joe wanted to get to the root of any fundamental shortcomings and help me understand some basic concepts that Danko hadn’t adequately covered in the Live Review, which is great but offers no one-on-one support through some of the more challenging sections.  

Joe’s organization was incredibly invaluable in helping me prepare. He created a schedule which he held me to. Each session involved a review of my homework, which forced me to complete the homework and stick to Joe’s plan.  As we got closer to the exam, he started to  help me structure my days around finding time to work on flash cards or questions. He held me accountable to keep me on task – this was KEY to me passing the exam! I am grateful to Joe for giving me the push that I needed!

Brennan Kurtela, CFP
Financial Advisor at Stanford Federal Investment Services CFP Exam

I initially found Joe from a Reddit. He was very helpful from the get-go. He made me feel confident about my chances of passing the exam from the first call.  Joe was great at creating the right, tailored schedule for me. He was very good at not going too heavy on the material to bog you down but just enough to really grasp the concept. He was easy to talk to and accessible. He knows what it takes to prepare you, which shows with my passing result!


Melanie Hertzberg, CLF

Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual

SIE, Series 6, Series 63

I hired Joe to help me with not one, not two, but all three of my required securities exams – the SIE, Series 6, and Series 63.


Joe provided a much-needed sense of urgency to knock these tests out of the way and with his guidance, I passed all three tests in three months! When I first spoke with Joe, I knew right away I’d want his help with all of these tests & any future. He “gets it” and I have personally seen how he tailors his approach to what learning style his students need.


He takes away the fluff and hones in on what’s most important, he keeps you accountable, and he gives clear direction and support where needed.


What I think I enjoy most about working with Joe is how much confidence comes from the partnership and from his feedback – it’s that phone call the day before the test saying “you got this!” and the way he holds his breath when you call him after you get out of the testing center. Joe is truly rooting for you to succeed & there is never any doubt he’s got your back!


Thanks, Joe – I think the world of you!

Austin Bock, CFP, APMA
Financial Advisor at Royal Private Wealth

CFP Exam

I worked with Joe on the CFP exam based on the recommendation of another one of his students. I’ve since referred a number of others to Joe based on the phenomenon experience I had.


The single most valuable part of working with Joe is that he helps you focus on the right information to make the absolute most of your time. If you put in the work Joe makes sure you stay on track, I was able to sit for a March test date when I originally had thought I wouldn’t be ready till July.


In the end, taking the CFP felt like more of a formality after our work together


Randi Eisenshtat 
Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual
SIE, Series 6, and Series 63 Exams

After 2 failed attempts at passing the SIE, I knew I needed to get serious and get the help required to pass this test. I was introduced to Joe and we began working together immediately.


The programs he designs and the attention to my style of learning is what impressed me the most. He takes the time to get to know each client and what works best for them to be successful.


Since working with him, I passed the SIE and then passed the Series 6 on the first attempt. He not only is an incredible tutor, but he's an amazing person and friend and I have passed along his info to many people since working together. He’s 100% worth the investment and I will continue to work with him in my career to pass all exams necessary.


If you’re looking for someone to hold you accountable and guide you from start to finish to pass any and all exams for this business, Joe is the man!

David Fuchs, CFP
Associate Wealth Advisor at ACM Wealth
CFP Exam

“I am not sure if I can fully encapsulate how highly I regard Joe and his tutoring services in just a few sentences. I had such a phenomenal experience working with Joe that although I was happy to pass I was ironically upset when the grueling process of the CFP came to an end knowing I was not going to be working with him on a weekly basis. Without Joe and Melody nothing would have been possible and I certainly would not have come close to passing the CFP exam.


From the start of the journey all the way until I received my final results, Joe was there every single step of the way. He structures his courses to take the time to emphasize the fundamentals which I learned from him is the key to passing these types of exams. Whether it was a specific question outside of his curriculum or clarification on something that we went over in class he always made himself readily available to make sure we understood the concepts. This exemplified how much he cares about his students and the interest he takes in making sure to put us in a position to succeed.


I would be remissed if I did not also give a shout out to Melody as well as she is the backbone of the team. She was an integral part of this process and was a pleasure to work with. She is extremely responsive and took care of everything along the way. Our success would not have been possible without her either. 


Overall, I can confidently say that there are few things in my life that I would recommend more highly than Joe if you are thinking about taking a designation or Series exam. While I am happy that I was able to successfully pass my exam, I am even more proud that I can call myself an alumni of Nissim Tutoring.“


Chelsey Koster, GBA, RPA, CEBS
Employee Benefits Specialist at ABG
Series 7 Exam

I chose to work with Joe after reading some reviews from other students that had worked with him. Their key highlights were his ability to make complicated things simple, his sense of humor and making a painful process (hard exams, including options) not so painful. He didn’t disappoint.


Joe has a natural ability to break down complicated things in a much simpler/easy to understand way. His organization in reviewing and studying the information made the overall process MUCH less overwhelming. Step by step and easy to follow.


He is able to see past “student BS” and knows when you haven’t yet mastered a subject. He calls it out- and makes you work through it until he knows you do. That is what helped me pass both exams with him for the first time. #joeCDworked for me.


Takes a special person you make you love options- Joe is that person.

Jesse Bouchard
Managing Director at Northwestern Mutual
Series 7, 9, and 10 Exams

When it comes to high level FINRA exams they can be tricky, and you can’t “wing” them. I was introduced to Joe Nissim and it completely changed the way I study, viewed studying, and prepare for exams.


Not only do I value Joe’s expertise on the subject matter, but through patience and teachings of get out of your own way, don’t be a perfectionist, and take one question at a time, I passed my Series 7, my Series 9, and my Series 10 exams. 


Joe is very patient with you, and never makes you feel stupid for missing a question, or for not understanding a concept right away.  One of the things I appreciate most about Joe is that he is one of us, and will challenge our egos when needed, to help ensure that we are on the best path possible to comprehend the material and pass exams! 


Joe is worth every penny and if you do exactly what he says, he will get you to where you want and need to be.


Irene Barish
Growth & Development at Northwestern Mutual
SIE, Series 6, Series 63, Series 7, Series 26 Exams

I never considered myself the best test taker; however, I always took the exams and passed them. As a former RN, I was required to pass the boards to get my license. I always thought, if I passed this test I could pass anything, but I was wrong! My introduction to the investment world began with the SIE and Series 6. I quickly stood corrected when I realized that I had bit off more than I could chew when it comes to test taking in the investment world. After multiple failed attempts with the SIE and Series 6, I was then introduced to Joe Nissim. 


Joe helped me understand this foreign world of investments and how to break down the questions that are being asked. He used a completely different approach to learning, that I fought due to unfamiliarity. I can proudly say that I have successfully passed my first exam and am working towards the next. Joe’s knowledge in this field is remarkable and I plan on working with him until I take my last exam for my career. He is highly recommended whether you are testing at entry level or higher level FINRA exams.

Chuck Riesterer
Partner at Promus Financial Group
CFP Exam

Passing the CFP® has been one of the most significant accomplishments of my career. I wouldn't have been able to pass without the help of Joe and his study program. Over three months, the way the program was structured got me prepared and ready to go on test day.


I was worried I would feel burnt out on test day, but instead, I felt prepared and fresh. Joe made sure I understood the fundamentals before jumping into questions which is why my practice exam scores were 80%+ leading up to the exam.


Having someone I could ask questions to instead of just recorded lectures was amazing and allowed me to know I knew the topics. I was part of a group of three people which was nice to study with them when we didn't meet with Joe. The ability to talk with two other people and practice with them was essential to my passing the exam.


If you are debating whether or not you should get a private tutor like Joe, I would highly recommend him as he is the best in the business.


Dundee Gouin
Managing Director & Chief Leadership Officier at Northwestern Mutual
Series 7 and Series 26 Exams

Joe is by far the best tutor I’ve ever encountered. His teaching method is super effective, with a focus on making sure to teach you how to take complex problems and make them appear simple.


I personally used him for my Series 7 exam and, on my first try using Joe, was able to pass the test. If you’re looking to pass an exam or a certification you don’t have to waste your time searching elsewhere, he is the real deal.  Throughout my journey working with Joe he’s never made me feel “less than”, meaning that if I didn’t understand a topic or subject he wouldn’t lose his patience with me, instead, he dug deeper and, if needed, went back to the basics to make sure that I was able to comprehend whatever seemed to be the missing link.


Today Joe isn’t just a tutor, but instead, has become a friend of mine. I’m super thankful for the help Joe has provided, and I will continue to use him for future licenses

Nik Schrobenhauser

Managing Partner at Ai8 Ventures

SIE, Series 7, and Series 63 Exams

I worked with Joe to pass the SIE, Series 7, and Series 63 Exams. I chose to work with Joe because his online reviews were excellent and his price was reasonable. All that said, I would've gladly paid double having now experienced working with him.


Joe was very clear and concise in his explanations of all of the various materials, and his structure for each lesson and the requisite homework made it really easy for me to make progress and retain what I learned. Having a weekly call with him to go over the previous weeks lesson and the homework as a great way to stay on schedule and stay accountable for the workload. I was able to pass all three exams on the first try within a few months of first meeting Joe.


Can't recommend him enough!


Niko Puritz, MBA, CFP
Planning Consultant at Fidelity Investments
CFP Exam

Joe did a phenomenal job of taking the guess work out of the process. He presents you with a detailed agenda and gives you an open line of communication.


I always felt heard and my progress was always acknowledged. He pulls no punches about the workload, but he is a master at his craft.


If you follow the instructions and put it in the work, you will succeed.

Gabriel Montesino
Financial Advisor at Northwestern Mutual
SIE, Series 6, Series 63 Exams

This experience with Joe was both awesome and fulfilling. Joe created the space for me to step out of my comfort zone, tailored a tutoring schedule that suited my lifestyle with minimal complications and aligned with our goal, and the most amazing part was that I grasped it all.


Two days prior to the test he made sure I was disconnecting and focusing on things that bring joy to me, this allowed my mind, body and soul to be free of any kind of stress or anxiety, and in turn, we got a PASS!


Christopher Chan
Private Equity Analyst at Morgan Stanley Valuation and Accounting

We worked on financial valuation and corporate finance together (no specific exam...more for job prep). [I] chose to work with Joe through a recommendation from a family friend whom he helped with her job at Temasek.


Joe's holistic way of teaching and building from the bottom up really helped set a strong foundation to build on.


He was always willing to help, even if it was a quick question over text, and did a great job in tying concepts back to each other and breaking them down well.

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